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Whether submitting locally or from a distance, we will need some information before we get started on your quilting. Please submit this form prior to mailing your quilt, we will contact you to insure we can meet your requests before you mail. (We offer the same form in a fillable PDF, which you can download allowing you to save and continue later at your ease. Please email the PDF to

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Mailing Address
We will measure your quilt top in 3 locations (left edge, dead center, right edge) and average those measurements to determine the final dimensions for billing purposes. However, for our records and a price estimate, we suggest you measure your quilt and include the Height and Width dimensions here.
Note any rips, holes, scant seam allowances, stains, burns, etc.
How will it be used? Who will use it? Do you plan to enter it into quilt shows? Your answers influence my suggestions for quilting style, density, and technique.
We carry a variety of battings to choose from, for more information on each please see our materials & supplies link. You may also choose to submit your own batting, we require that the batting be a solid piece measuring approximately 4 inches beyond the quilt top on all sides. Also, it is helpful for us to know which batting you are submitting, please either send the batting in the original packaging or send a note containing the name of the batting.
Though we tend to use Superior So Fine #50, we will try to meet any special requests regarding thread. Certain quilting services come with multiple thread changes included in the price. Please make any requests or suggestions here.
We will rough trim excess batting and backing fabric as needed during the quilting process. If you would like your quilt to be trimmed as part of finishing please select an option below.
Please find more information about our binding services on the service link.
If you would like a hanging sleeve attached for display purposes, please select an option.
May we use a picture of your quilted top on our website or social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)? *
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Please share your url or screenname.
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By submitting this form, you are authorizing Ad Astra Quilting to complete the work listed above and agree to the following points. I understand that payment is due upon completion of the quilting. (For local quilting, this means that you will pay at the time you receive your quilt; for online orders, you will be invoiced for payment via Paypal before your quilt is mailed back to you.) If the quilt is displayed in a show or publication, I agree to credit the machine quilting to Ad Astra Quilting. Please view our promise to you as your collaborator in this quilting adventure on our About link

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