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Our Agreement and Process

I want to help you achieve the best outcome possible, and will do what I can to help with that. I have included very specific questions on the Quilt Preparation tab, and when possible discuss the design factors with you in person to help achieve the best finish for your quilt.

Local and Distance Services

Many of my customers do not live in or near Des Moines, Iowa. For this reason, I share everything you need to get started on this website. I accept quilts via mail from distant customers, conduct a design consultation via phone or email, and accept payment via PayPal. Distance customers will receive notification of your quilt's arrival and tracking information for return shipping. Additional postal insurance beyond $50 can be provided for appraised quilts.

For those who live in the area, I am happy to arrange a time to meet for a design consultation or arrange a quilt pick-up and delivery. Due to the nature of an in-home business and my own personal comfort and safety, I do not allow customers to visit my home or in-home studio. If you have any question regarding this policy please vist the Contact Us tab.

Receiving and Processing

When your quilt is next in line to be quilted, I will carefully look it over documenting with photo and notes any issues I see which may detract from the finished quilt. If any issues are noted, I will contact you to discuss how you would like to proceed. Examples of issues noted at intake include scant seams or holes, or a non square quilt top, stains, or excessive fraying. 

If during the quilting process any issues arise (for example, a popped seam), I will contact you before continuing and will work with you to determine an agreed upon course of action. Additional repair or preparation charges may apply, but I will always discuss with you first.

Quilting Plan

After examining your quilt in comparison to the service requests submitted on the Quilting Request Form I will create a quilting plan specific to your goals. First, I intend to meet all specific requests, for example the batting, quilting type, and thread. If we have not previously met and discussed a quilting plan, I will then contact you with my suggestions and ideas for the more creative portion of the quilting plan, designed to be unique to your quilt. This design consultation can occur in person, via email, phone, or even instant messaging at your convenience. An estimated price can be requested at this time prior to quilting. 


Invoices are emailed to customers upon completion of quilting. Local customers are asked to pay in cash, credit (I use Square card reader), or in advance using PayPal. If PayPal is chosen, an additional PayPal email invoice will be sent. PayPal is safe for both you and me. I ask that all invoices are paid prior to or at the time of your quilt being returned, if the return is in person. Any quilt invoices left unpaid for more than 30 days are forfeit, and ownership of the quilt will be held by Ad Astra Quilting.

A Note about Insurance

 It is important to note, if a disaster were to happen (such as fire, flood, tornado, etc.) and your quilt was damaged while in my studio, my insurance will only cover the material costs of your quilt, for further reimbursement a quilt appraisal would be necessary to document additional value.

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