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Machine Quilting

We offer three quilting options and a range of pricing for each. Our three options, Edge to Edge, Semi-custom, and Custom, express the amount of hands-on involvement in the design and production of your quilting. The price range expresses the density of the stitching- the more complex and dense the design the more thread and time necessary to complete and thus the higher the price. All quilting services are priced per square inch. (Click here for more information on Machine Quilting Options).


Planning to quilt by hand? Forget crawling around on your knees with safety pins. Instead, allow me to help by quickly basting the quilt top, batting, and backing. (.005/sq. in.)


At Ad Astra Quilting we use crossgrain continuous binding, but are happy to entertain requests for bias binding at a slightly higher charge. (Click here for more information on Binding services).


As your quilt is quilted, the backing and batting will be rough trimmed to ~1 inch from the edge of the quilt top unless you request no trimming. At no time will we trim the quilt top, this is not a squaring service simply trimming to the existing shape of the quilt top.

Precise Trimming: For an additional charge of $5, we can trim your quilt flush with the quilt top edge or an exact amount such as .5"- 1" out from the quilt top edge.

Hanging Sleeve

Another service offered is the attachment of a hanging sleeve for display purposes. The hanging sleeve can be made from excess backing fabric trimmed off while quilting for a perfect match, or a separate neutral fabric can be chosen. Preparation and attachment of a hanging sleeve is an additional $25.


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