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Lets make this easy! There's no need for you to shop for materials that I have here! I'll even pass on any wholesale discounts I can to you to make it worth your while. Material rates follow each option.

Batting (All batting information provided by Legacy by Pellon®)

  • Legacy Natural Cotton Batting has a low loft and is best used in machine work. Cotton is a natural and renewable, sustainable fiber that has been used in quilts for centuries. The cotton fiber is strong and yet soft and has proven itself to last. Quilts are not destined for a landfill, yet quilters are conscious of the environment and are making choices to do no harm to the earth. It is needlepunched and there are no chemicals used. Our cottons are grown and manufactured in the USA. Legacy 100% Cotton allows stitched areas up to 4”. It has 1/16” loft. Cotton does not beard [aka fiber migration to the surface]. All cottons can shrink up to 3-5%. Should you use hot temperatures while washing and/or drying a quilt or garment, the fabrics used could shrink 3% if they are not shrunk prior to use. When gentle cycles and cool temperatures are used in washing, a finished quilt or garment made with this 100% cotton batting will be surprisingly durable. Air dry or dry laying flat for best results. Note: Legacy 100% Natural Cotton Batting is intended for all tones except for white and very light colored quilts. The cream color could show through a very light fabric and also the natural by products of cotton could bleed onto a white fabric leaving a brown stain. (100” width - $8.69 per yard)
  • Legacy 100% Wool Batting is made from super soft wool. It is bonded to prevent bearding [aka fiber migration to the surface] and should not shrink. However, should you use hot temperatures while washing and/or drying a quilt or garment, the fabrics used could shrink 3% if they are not shrunk prior to use. If a sleeping quilt is your goal, super soft washed wool is the answer. It breathes naturally and allows air to pass through, making an excellent summer quilt. Wool has qualities that also keep us warm in the winter. The light weight offers comfort as it does not weigh you down. This also makes it perfect for garments. Machine quilters who desire very closely stitched areas use Wool for its softness. When using a finer thread, the quilt remains soft and does not result in a stiff quilt. Can be stitched up to 4" apart. Has 1/4" loft, and 0-3% shrinkage. (96” width - $16.00 per yard, 120” width - $18.50 per yard)
  • Legacy 80/20 Natural Blend Batting is a soft, durable and substantial batting created for quilters who want cotton with the added benefit of wash-ability and good stitch definition. The 80/20 blend allows stitched areas up to 4" apart. It has a soft, quilted finished look. Cotton is a natural and renewable fiber that has been used in quilts for centuries. Cotton fibers are strong yet soft and have been proven to last. Pellon cotton is grown and manufactured in the USA. 80/20 Natural Blend can be stitched up to 4" apart, it has a 1/16" loft, 3-5% shrinkage. (96” width - $7.00 per yard, 120”- $9.25per yard)

Looking for something else? Specialty battings such as bamboo, silk, or recycled polyester are available upon request with advanced notice.


At Ad Astra Quilting, we primarily use Superior So Fine #50, a beautiful blending thread. However, we welcome special requests and will do our best to fulfill your request while providing the best finish possible. (All information provided by Superior Threads)

  • So Fine #50 - #50/3-ply Polyester thread. So Fine! #50 is a lint-free, matte-finish, smooth filament polyester thread. Due to its fine nature, So Fine! #50 is an excellent blending thread. Available in 134 colors. (Superior So Fine #50 is included in the cost of quilting, no additional charges apply.)
  •  OMNI - OMNI is the cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to other poly-wrapped poly core threads. As a Tex 30 (approximately 40 wt.), OMNI is a bolder choice of quilting thread and will show stitches more prominently than either other option offered at Ad Astra Quilting. Available in 172 solid colors, there are multiple shades of popular colors to match a wide variety of fabrics. The multi-filament polyester core gives OMNI superior strength while the wrapped spun poly allows this thread to “grab” the fabric and create smooth, pucker-free stitches. (Superior Omni is included in the cost of quilting, no additional charges apply.)
  • Mono.poly - Extra-fine Polyester thread. Mono.poly by Superior Threads is an invisible monofilament thread. Perfect for use on many-colored quilts that do not have a natural choice for a blending thread. Mono.poly allows the texture of the quilting to enhance the piecing without becoming distracting. (Superior Mono.poly incurs an additional $10.00 thread charge.)


We do not carry backing fabrics, however, we are happy to help you find what you need, please let us know how we can help!

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