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Machine Quilting

We offer three quilting options and a range of pricing for each. Our three options, Edge to Edge, Semi-custom, and Custom, express the amount of hands-on involvement in the design and production of your quilting. The price range expresses the density of the stitching- the more complex and dense the design the more thread and time necessary to complete and thus the higher the price. All quilting services are priced per square inch.

Edge to Edge

Edge to edge quilting creates a repeating stitch path across the entire quilt. Using computer aided stitching, this pattern will be perfect every time. The stitch pattern will be scaled to best suit the pieced quilt top and meet your desires. Edge to edge patterns are the most affordable quilting option, using a single thread type (solid colors/variegated/metallic),but sometimes provide the exactly right balance to finish your work. (.015 - .03 /sq. in.)


Semi-custom quilting integrates elements of edge to edge repeating patterns with custom borders or focal motifs. Slightly higher prices are reflected in the unique quilting design used to enhance the beauty of your work, including 1-3 thread types (solid colors/variegated/metallic) and a combination of stitch patterns (computer aided, ruler work, and free motion). (.02 - .07 /sq. in.)


Custom quilting fully integrates the quilting stitches with the piecing pattern, uniquely reflecting and enhancing the beautiful work already inherent. Using the full range of options blending computer aided stitch patterns, ruler work, and free motion quilting to accentuate the color and shapes in the pieced top. With unique custom quilting designed to enhance your work, custom quilting allows over 3 thread options (solid colors/variegated/metallic). (.04 - .10/sq. in.)

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