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Machine Quilting

Ad Astra Quilting offers Computer Guided Edge to Edge and Custom, reflect the amount of hands-on involvement in the design and production of your quilting. The price range reflects the density and difficulty of the stitching- the more complex and dense the design the more thread and time necessary to complete and thus the higher the price. All quilting services are priced per square inch.

Computer Guided Edge to Edge

Edge to edge quilting creates a repeating stitch path across the entire quilt. Computer guided stitching creates a perfect repeating pattern every time. The stitch pattern will be scaled to best suit the pieced quilt top while also meeting your budget and intended use. Edge to edge patterns are the most affordable quilting option, using a single thread type (solid colors/variegated/metallic),but sometimes provide the exactly right balance to finish your work. (.015 - .03 /sq. in.)

Ad Astra Quilting.

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