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Quilt labels, though not a requirement, are an excellent addition to any quilt. Labels offer another opportunity to share the message or meaning of a quilt, as well as useful information about the maker and the quilt itself. Whether you are quilting for a special purpose, such as a gift, donation, or occasion, or just creating another lounge-about quilt for your own home a quilting label is a key carrying all of the most useful information even after many years of use.

Typically, quilting labels include the name of the maker (you), the year, the location, and the title of the quilt whether referencing the pattern or the reason the quilt was made. But they can also carry additional information, such as the recipients name if the quilt is to be a gift, or a short saying or psalm. 

At Ad Astra Quilting we offer a variety of options for custom machine embroidered labels. We will stitch a label with whatever text you like, in any color of thread, in your choice of font chosen from three options (Block, Script, Broadway). You can choose to provide your own fabric or allow us, at a higher rate, to choose and provide a neutral colored fabric (such as white, gray, tan, or black). Interfacing and thread are provided in the price of the letter.

Labels are priced per letter at one of two rates depending on whether you are supplying your own fabric ($0.45, $0.65). For an additional $15, the label will be finished and invisibly hand stitched to the back of the quilt (as in the top image on this page).

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