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Christmas in July

It's the holiday season! Can't you feel the snow as it melts on your face? Wait, I guess that's just sweat because it is still blazing summer here in Iowa! That's okay though, this is the perfect time to start planning your holiday gift giving!

This year as we prepare for the winter holidays and a busy Christmas season, Ad Astra Quilting will be pre-booking time slots leading up to Christmas. By pre-booking your time slot, you are ensuring that your project will be returned to you in time to add the finishing touches without the stress and worry. Pre-booking will require a $50 deposit in order to hold the time slot, and also to ensure we have all the supplies and materials ready when it is your quilt's time on the frame.

So you are a quilting phenomenon and your quilt is ready to go early, huh? Well let us know and we will put you on a list so you can be moved up if an earlier time slot opens up!

What's that? You're the opposite and always finish your quilt a little later than you anticipated? No problem, all we ask is that if you do not feel you will be ready in time please provide at least one week notice. We will then contact one of those who finished early and attempt to re-arrange the schedule so that you can still get your project finished.

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