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Riane's Welded Quilt

I have a few things to share with you, but I'm going to space them out a bit so each gets your full attention. Are you paying attention yet? The first is a really versatile modern quilt sewn by Riane of Vessel Quilts.

Riane Menardi

First, I have to tell you how excited I was when I met Riane. Oddly, I just happened across her on Instagram one afternoon a few months ago, and was immediately intrigued when I realized not only was she a board member for the Modern Quilt Guild but she also lives in Des Moines! How did I not know this talented quilter in my own city? So I started browsing her blog, and like many other things it became a constantly open tab on my phone so that I could return to it and read more. Then, at the next Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I noticed a new face, she was young and doing hand-applique on the Collection Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander, which I can spot from a mile away since it is also one of my works in progress. As we did show-and-tell, it all came together. This was Riane! The same Riane whose blog was currently open on my phone! How exciting! That night with a few other girls from the group we went out for post-meeting drinks and I got to hear a little more about Riane, her life in Des Moines, and her work as a board member for the national Modern Quilt Guild.

*Sidebar: I cannot even begin to tell you how much my life has expanded and improved since I joined my local quilt guild and modern quilt guild! I have met so many people that I admire, learn from, and truly enjoy seeing and sharing with! If you haven't found your people, keep looking because joining a local social club related to your interest is such a blessing!*

Anyway! The next month Riane had to run off to Pasadena for QuiltCon (lucky girl!) so I didn't see her for a month or more. Then, out of the blue, she sent me a request via this website, she wanted to talk about having a few things quilted. Riane explained that this was the first time she was planning to have something professionally long arm quilted, she does exquisite sashiko style hand quilting on many of her self-designed projects. However, she had a few too many projects hanging around needing finished so she was calling in reinforcements and I was happy to help. We met and talked about her style and aesthetics, opened the quilts and talked about thread color and scale. She has really lovely taste but as a new quilting customer it was important for me to become familiar with her expectations and aesthetic while she learned a little more about the process and what to expect from me.

We decided on a neutral white thread to accent the design on the sea green fabric by April Rhodes. Riane suggested a quilting pattern she had seen online called Diagonal Plaid designed by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz. I was able to scale the edge to edge quilting design to align nicely with the scale of the the piecing design.

I excitedly got to work on the first of her two quilts, Welded, a quilt stitched as part of Art Gallery Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop's Stitched blog tour and a free pattern and tutorial . Riane shares about piecing and designing her fabric choices for this quilt on her blog. Since the quilting pattern is offset overlapping diamonds nothing had to be too perfect but this was pretty darn close! I was thrilled with the results of the quilting.

Due to the on-point piecing setting of the quilt, these diagonal diamonds echoed perfectly across the quilt.

Riane is stitching the binding on, but she promised me some full finished photos on her blog soon! So be sure to check in over there to see updates of this quilt as it is finished. Also, unless she has changed her mind, she plans to sell this quilt, so if you haven't gotten enough in photo you can own the real thing! Next week, I will share about the second quilt I finished for Riane! Thanks for visiting!


UPDATE: Riane took some lovely photos of this quilt, they have been added to the gallery, please check them out!

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