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Lisa's Long Awaited Reproduction Style Quilt

Lisa is a local here in Des Moines and when she was looking for a quilter, she looked locally first by contacting our local modern quilt guild for suggestions. I love working locally because I get to meet my client and talk with them face to face and even learn a little more about their life and how the quilt will fit in! Sometimes I even get to see the quilt after it's completely finished!

This quilt story and quilt had me in love from the get-go! Lisa first saw her quilt inspiration at a quilt show years ago. A beautiful antique quilt in amazing condition and rightly so worth a small mint! She took photos, as the real thing was sadly beyond her budget.

 The original quilt inspiration found at a quilt show many years ago.

The original quilt inspiration found at a quilt show many years ago.

If I remember correctly, it was a year or two later when her Aunt asked her what kind of quilt she would like as a wedding gift (aren't quilty relatives the best?). Lisa knew immediately and printed out the pictures for her Aunt. Luckily, Lisa's Aunt already owned a lot of reproduction fabrics and she began working on the quilt.

Here is Lisa's Aunt after she finished piecing the quilt top.

At one point after the quilt top was finished, Lisa had the opportunity to have it long-armed for free by a family friend. However, the quilter wanted to try a new pattern on the quilt with something along the lines of feathers. Lisa held strong and resisted the urge for free quilting until she would be able to afford getting the quilting style she wanted, a replica of the original.

Here is a closer look at the original quilt.

Since the border area of the quilt wasn't the exact replica we took a little liberty and quilted piano key stitch in the ditch through this area, checker boarding at the corners. The main body of the quilt received the diagonal cross through the neutral blocks, just like the original. Due to the nature of this design, the quilting was entirely hand guided and therefor qualified as semi-custom quilting.

The finished quilt was too large to photograph, but you get the idea right? It's gorgeous! Lisa had me whip up some matching binding and her mother will finish out the quilt. If my memory serves, it is now approximately seven years since Lisa first fell in love with the reproduction quilt. A true labor of love from so many people, this quilt story is heartwarming.

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