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Small Business Saturday

Hello and Happy Small Business Saturday to you!

Over the years, my family has begun to practice a more affordable Christmas celebration. In a household with no tiny humans, we are happy to just get together sharing food and laughter. We still do gifts, but they have morphed into smaller tokens of our love and friendship and more often than not they are handmade. Even my brothers, who have never been too interested in crafts have gotten in on the action by learning new skills like roasting coffee beans for everyone or by purchasing handmade items from others. It's really a treat to see what everyone comes up with.

This holiday season I hope you will join in the fun by shopping from small businesses, local vendors, and handmade artisans or crafters. Wherever you are there is a special gift that you can share with your loved ones and the purchase of that gift will mean so much to the person or small business you purchased from. Don't get me wrong, I did a little Black Friday shopping myself -- I mean 50% off on quilt batting, hello! But I'm proud to say, this year I only purchased goods which require a little more effort from me like yarn, fabric, and batting.

Today, I will venture out to show a little love to a few of my favorite LQS (Local Quilt Stores) to pick up a few small things to finish off projects. But then, my shopping will be done and my fingers will have to get to work making, which is the part that I really enjoy! Handmade gifts are a treat because not only are you creating something one of a kind and special, but you also get to enjoy the fun of making it! It's entertainment for you and a gift for someone else, your hard earned money is working double duty!

As a brand new small business, I would like to offer my services in helping you make all of your handmade holiday plans come true! I am getting in on the action and introducing a holiday discount on this fine Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday Holiday Discount at Ad Astra Quilting

Here are the details!

From now until the new year (January 1, 2016) I am offering a 15% discount off of all services totaling over $50 USD. Whether I am quilting, basting, or binding for you all services completed between now and January 1 will receive a 15% discount off the total before taxes. There is no code needed as I will be applying the discount on everything from now until the end of the year. So let me help you make your holidays extra special and we will save more than your time, we will also save some of your money.


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