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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to all of you who drop in to read this blog, send your quilts to me, or have helped me along the way.

Angela Walters and I

Starting this business has been a dream come true and a few years in the making. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for those who have helped and supported me along the way. We truly share an amazing community of people in the quilting and sewing world. I have received so much advice from other quilters and business women along the way.

Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild

The Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild gave me such a warm reception as I announced my business, it has truly been a blessing to meet so many wonderful and supportive people.

Ally and I.jpg

My friends and family near and far have been the greatest support for me as I try to find my way, even the little "likes" "hearts" and thumbs up are such inspiration to keep going. It means the world to me each time a friend or family member shares my posts and helps me connect with new friends and businesses. My sister has dedicated her time and expertise in helping me build the foundation of my business and website. My mother spent hours researching and trudging through Quilt Week with me trying every longarm and asking a million questions. She has helped answer every business question and financial concern along the way too. She has done so much for me in starting this business. My husband keeps me strong in his confidence that I will succeed and everything will be okay. 

Eli and Tonka share a quilted afternoon

I really cannot express how thankful I am to be on this journey and creating these memories with each of you. I am so excited to share in your quilt making joy over the next year and into the future. 

Thank you,


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