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A special sampler

Isn't this quilt special? I mean something about it is really kind of ... special.

This quilt was a sampler quilt constructed as part of the Modern Blocks Quilt A Long hosted by the blog And Sew We Craft. Each month one of the writers introduced a new block and shared a tutorial for construction on their personal blogs, then a linky party allowed all of the participants to share their work.

The twelve blocks included in the quilt a long were chosen from the book Modern Blocks and then another eight blocks also from the book were added to fill it out a bit and make it an entirely unique quilt. (You can read about the individual blocks construction here.)The patterned fabric is all from Juliana Horner's, eldest daughter of the beloved fabric designer Anna Maria Horner, first fabric line carried at JoAnn Fabrics.

Now on to the quilting.  With sampler quilts there are kind of two schools of thought on how to approach the quilting. The first method is an edge to edge pattern, the theory is that this will help balance the variety in the blocks and help it meld together into a "whole". I certainly considered this option because before I quilted it, I wasn't sure I loved the "whole". Design speaking the viewer had no where to rest her eyes, between the intensity of the color and the variety in the blocks it seemed quite busy. However, I decided this quilt was a great opportunity to dive in with all my quilting tools. I chose the second method and treated a sampler quilt as a sampler quilt. Each block's quilting was individually tailored to the block. Some received bold computer driven block quilting designs, other received free-hand quilting, and then a few received a combination of both.

For this quilt, I used Superior So Fine #50 in a blending color to the background fabric. The batting was a needle punched cotton batting purchased around the time I started the quilt two years ago. The backing and binding fabrics, not shown in the photos is also by Juliana Horner.

The final result was really something special. This quilt has become our sofa quilt and I spend time admiring the quilting every time I sit under it. 

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